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At the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, I contributed to many projects under NextGen, the comprehensive program to update the US National Airspace System. NextGen enhancements guide and track air traffic more precisely and efficiently, save fuel, reduce noise and pollution, and make air travel more convenient, dependable and safe.

I led the development of the WSD web-based front end for the FAA's TFMS air traffic management system. The WSD is in daily use at the White House, the Pentagon, Air Force One, and military and civilian air traffic control centers worldwide.

The NCR Human Interface Technology Center (HITC) was established to apply advanced human interface knowledge to meet customers' needs. Solutions were achieved through user-centered processes executed by 90+ experts in cognitive engineering, data mining, image understanding, artificial intelligence, intelligent tutoring, graphic design, and innovative technologies.

I was a founding staff member. I formed and led an Adaptive Dynamic Interfaces Group and a Digital Media Group, and contributed to many projects. I was the first HITC WebMaster - Click here to see fragments of the original site. I produced the video at left to support the vital task of promoting the HITC to prospective clients.

The NCR Financial Knowledge Lab in London is a "corporate theme park" created to generate foresight and promote learning about financial consumers. The Lab hosts research programs, seminars, workshops, web based colloquia, and media events. Visitors come from all over the world.

I was co-leader of the multinational team that conceived, planned and constructed the Lab. I led the design and development of all the interactive installations and exhibits; one is shown here. I engineered and directed the realization of the infrastructure, and was the first WebMaster for the Lab web sites and extranet.

SIMNET was the pioneering large-scale networked simulation-based training environment ("The world’s first operational virtual reality," said Bruce Sterling in Wired). SIMNET-derived simulators are in daily use at dozens of sites worldwide. Derivatives and spinoffs include nearly all distributed training and multi-player gaming systems.

I contributed to the original SIMNET proposals and prototypes, and to many demos and exercises. I worked on the overall media architecture, developed media creation and delivery tools, and created training scenarios. I produced aircraft simulation systems (a prototype is shown at left) and reconfigurable control suites.


NASA seeks to reliably measure real-time reactions to sonic booms. My colleagues and I proposed an interviewing method using smartphones, and organized and conducted a pilot study with 49 test subjects.

I contributed to the study design and execution, created the system architecture, and developed the mobile apps and server software.

Based on the success of the pilot study, a large-scale experiment is now being prepared.

Wired Retail Network systems bridged the gap between internet and brick-and-mortar retailing, enabling merchants, advertisers and real estate investors to delight and expand their customer bases. Interactive and broadcast services were delivered through kiosks in malls (shown), and through the internet from anywhere.

I was Chief Technology Officer and Chief Experience Officer.

TRIO, a Trainer for US Navy F-14 Radar Intercept Operators (RIOs), tutored problem-solving methods and encouraged RIOs to react quickly when confronted with dynamic threats. Students' solutions to air intercept problems were compared to solutions generated by articulate adaptive expert ("critic") software running multiple real-time simulations. Interaction was entirely by speech synthesis and speech recognition.

I was the lead media architect and developer, and aviation subject matter liaison.

Javalon is an integrated enterprise management system for rental property groups. The "consumer visible" portion provides services for prospective and current tenants via kiosks, external web sites and on-site web sites.

I was Project Leader and Information Architect, directly involved in boardroom-level client relationship management as well as design, engineering, development, and deployment.

The Smart Trainer is a simulation-based intelligent tutor and performance support system for the gas pipeline industry. It features adaptive curriculum generation and dynamically assembled digital media.

I negotiated and won the engagement contract, led the development of proof-of-concept systems, evolved a platform architecture, and built production prototypes. The Smart Trainer became the key product of a major training company.

CathLab-11 Cardiac Catheterization Monitoring System: I led the development effort for this interactive real-time surgical support software package on-site in Rotterdam.

In addition to technical and leadership contributions, this project required multilingual (Dutch and English) interface design and component level debugging of prototype hardware.

Retail User Assistant. I founded the NCR Adaptive Dynamic Interface Group to create interactive systems that fit their users: "The machine, not the person, changes behavior to accomplish a task."

The Retail User Assistant was NCR's first adaptive performance support system; I led the project from conception and evangelism through development and field test. Many elements of this powerful technology are now being delivered in various products.

Atomic Castle is a coin-op game developed by Laser Disc Computer Systems (LDCS) and released by Stern. It features laserdisc based video and audio integrated with digital graphics and sound. I was a Partner in LDCS and Technical Director of the team of game designers, media developers and technologists that produced this and other laserdisc based coin-op games.

Atomic Castle and other laserdisc-based game systems have been superceded by all-digital games, and are now "collectors' items."

Flanders: Sponsored by a major art museum, I worked on the design of this portable infrared reflectography imaging system for analyzing early Nederlandish panel paintings.

Infrared imaging can reveal the underdrawings that lie below the paint surfaces. Here Portrait of a Man, painted about 1540, is being examined.

Advanced Department Store is an interactive training course, reference aid, and "leave-behind" for NCR's international sales and marketing organizations. It describes a suite of interrelated NCR products and services, and features "ask-the-expert" scenarios.

I led this design and production effort.

Archaeology Data Acquisition and Management System (ADAM). I designed and prototyped this portable tool set and performance support system for recording precious data at archaeological excavations. ADAM captured and integrated positional data, calibrated images, voice and text annotations, and other information to help field site workers successfully preserve fragile cultural evidence.

I conceived and developed the NCR Multimedia Showcase to demonstrate the power of multimedia to internal and external stakeholders while presenting information on NCR’s history, culture and products. It features intuitive user interaction via a touch-sensitive 3-D model illuminated by dynamically-generated projections.

A video is here.

The AS&E/Pfizer Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner performed high resolution X-ray scanning of the human body for diagnosis and research. I developed user interfaces, device drivers and image processing software for this early instrument. Derivative technologies are found in many current medical scanning systems.

Group Performance Systems was formed to create interactive systems that help people communicate and work together with skill, ease and success. We developed YouWin! and SuperlaTeam to deliver effective, sticky training in "soft skills": conflict management, coping with difficult people, dealing with diversity, interpersonal communication, team building, and facilitation.

FOG-M Embedded Trainer: Ideally, "embedded" training is so tightly integrated into a system that users cannot distinguish between training and operating modes. To achieve this, simulated sensory cues and system responses must exactly mimic the "real thing."

I contributed to the concepts underlying Embedded Training, and developed software, scenarios and media for its early operational embodiment in the FOG-M missile guidance system.

Virtual Retail is an interactive simulation that demonstrates innovative methods for intuitively navigating huge databases for web-hosted electronic commerce. The system spawned several new products.

I designed scenarios and produced media for Virtual Retail and its companion piece, Virtual Bank. Virtual Retail was featured at Living Tomorrow, a permanent exhibition in Brussels.



I wrote Entertainment Driven Collaboration, originally presented at the SIGGRAPH conference and published in the journal Computer Graphics. It appears as a chapter in Clark Dodsworth's book Digital Illusion.

I co-authored Issues in Practical Application of an Adaptive Interface, presented at the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces.

My colleagues and I organized and conducted workshops on Human Interaction Issues in Technology Supported Environments at CSCW '94 and COOCS '95.

I organized and moderated panels on Advanced Interface Modalities and Natural and Invisible Interfaces at SIGGRAPH conferences.

I wrote The Marriage of Computer Graphics and Video, a paper that grew out of courses given at BBN Inc. and elsewhere, and have presented it at several conferences and workshops.

I have delivered papers and posters, taught courses, and served on panels and organizing committees at many conferences: SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH, CSCW, COOCS , IUI, VRAIS, Groupware, and NCGA.

I have been a Human Interface Consultant on product development initiatives for Intel, Schott Glass GmbH, AT&T, NCR, HP, and many other organizations.

I have produced hundreds of videos, presentations and interactives for use as marketing tools, concept proofs, demos, prototypes, and progress reports.

As a producer, lighting designer, scenic designer, technical director, and theater engineer, I have been involved in over 400 live performance events – theater, dance, music, TV, trade shows, interactive installations, spectacles.

I am a Certified Flight Instructor, licensed Commercial Pilot, and Advanced Ground Instructor, and a certified SCUBA diver.

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More information, demos, videos, credits, and references are available on request.