Michael Harris

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To delight stakeholders by creating and coordinating successful user-focused interactives, products, and performance support services.




·        Project leader, user experience professional, information architect, analyst, developer.

·        Manage, create and support innovative user-centered mission-critical systems.

·        Produce compelling prototypes, demos, media, exhibits, attractions, and games.

·        Generate successful proposals and presentations.

·        Lead cooperatively, communicate clearly, and collaborate effectively.




·        Produced and supervised operational web-hosted air traffic situation displays, for FAA.

·        Co-created the SIMNET distributed interactive simulation environment, for DARPA.

·        Designed, built and managed a “corporate theme park” in London, for NCR.

·        Created and headed an Adaptive Dynamic Interfaces program, at NCR.

·        Developed user-centered systems for many corporate clients.

·        Managed mission-critical security for multinational military logistics services.




US DoT Volpe National Transportation Systems Center; Cambridge MA           2001-2017

Project Leader, Senior Engineer.


WSD and CCSD, operational FAA web-hosted air traffic situation display systems.

·     Project Leader from 2007, principal architect and principal developer for all releases.

·     Planned and conducted usability studies, authored engineering and user documentation.

·     Developed in C, C++, Perl, and XML, on Linux platforms.


Flash Situation Display (FSD), interactive Web-based air traffic management display.

·     Project Leader: secured FAA funding, developed software in Flash and C.

·     Authored promotional materials, engineering and user documentation.


Flight Object, ongoing large-scale NextGen initiative to share international flight data.

·     Researched, designed and built real-time performance monitors.

·     Analyzed engineering issues, e.g., Security, Exchange Modes, Data Consistency.

·     Developed in Java, C++, XML, JMS, Apache/FUSE, and FIXM, on Linux platforms.


Convective Weather Forecast Display (CCFP):

·      Headed design and development of easily-understood forecast displays.

·      Adopted by the US National Weather Service as operational standards.


Traffic Flow Management Data to Industry (TFMDI), real-time FAA data to airlines.

·      Project Leader; researched users, evolved requirements and data formats.

·      Devised network architecture; developed in Perl and C++; authored all documentation.


RAMP, secure network services to oversee international logistics, for RAF and USAF.

·     Security Lead: responsible for mission-critical security tasks.

·     Conducted formal security audits based on ISO 27001 and NIST 800 standards.


Discern Communications Inc. (SRI International); Menlo Park, CA                     2000-2001

Director, User Experience.  

Natural language platforms for business queries.

·      Planned and managed interaction strategy, analysis, design, development, and evaluation.

·      Designed and directed corporate and project support Web sites.


Wired Retail Network, Inc.; Atlanta, GA                                                                  1999-2000

Chief Technical Officer and Chief Experience Officer.

Combined Internet and brick-and-mortar retailing via kiosks in malls.

·     Developed kiosk hardware, web-based interactive systems, extranet control suite, narrowcast advertising network, corporate website.

·     Formed and nurtured technology and content partnerships.


NCR/AT&T Human Interface Technology Center; Atlanta, GA                             1990-1998

Founding Contributor, Senior Consulting Analyst, Executive Producer.

Formed to apply user-centered design processes for internal and external clients; staff of 80.

·     Created and led Adaptive Dynamic Interfaces program: systems learn to accommodate their users ("The machine, not the user, changes behavior").

·     Formed and led Digital Media Group; produced media services, tools, and facilities.

·     Developed self-service, training, and performance support systems for Coca-Cola, others.

·     Designed and built a "corporate theme park," R&D and marketing centers.

·     Produced mission-critical demos, videos, presentations, events, websites.


Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (Raytheon); Cambridge, MA                               1985-1990

Project Leader, Principal Engineer. 

Advanced research and solutions for military and public sector customers; some contributions:

·     SIMNET, first large-scale distributed interactive simulation environment, for DARPA.

·     TRIO, US Navy F-14 Radar Intercept Officer training system with AI and voice control.

·     FOG-M Embedded Trainer, for US Army FOG-M missile system.

·     ASAN, used by USAF personnel to plan minimal-impact flight training areas.

·     Flanders infrared imaging system used by museum conservators to analyze fine artworks. 




·     Project Management Professional (PMP) certification; from 2012.

·     MS, Engineering, Yale U, New Haven CT.

·     BS, Natural Science, Shimer College, Chicago IL.

·     BS, Mathematics (ABT), Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA.

·     Analytics and User Experience courses; Nielson Norman Group, NYC, 2014.

·     Systems and Usability Engineering courses; Boston U, Boston MA, 2001-04.

·     New Media Certification; Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA, 1995-97.

·     Computer Science and 3D Computer Graphics courses; Harvard U, Cambridge MA,1987-89.

·     Licensed Commercial Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, Advanced Ground Instructor.




·     Produce videos, presentations and interactives – as marketing tools, concept proofs, demos, prototypes, progress reports.

·     Produce performance events – theater, dance, music, TV, trade shows, interactive installations, spectacles.

·     Hold US and UK passports; comfortable with travel.


Please see www.michaelharris.net for additional information and project examples.