Virtual Retail

Intuitive navigation of huge databases
for web-hosted Electronic Commerce.

A virtual planet, with cities - Entertainment City, Financial City, Sports City ... we're orbiting the Retail City; floating billboards tell us what's there.


We look around the City Center, and discover the Food Building.


Franz, our personal assistant, offers us a choice of nationally themed cuisines.

We choose Italian, and travel through the Italian Portal ...


... where Franz offers us a variety of menus.



Here's one pre-coordinated menu. Clicking on the bowl icon will give us recipes and preparation guides.


If we'd prefer to customize our menu, we can visit an Italian Village. Here's the wine shop ...

... where we can view the labels and other information.

When we've made our choices, the system prints recipes and arranges for the ingredients to be delivered to our door.

It feels like exploring, not shopping!


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