NCR Financial Knowledge Lab

The NCR Financial Knowledge Lab in London was a "corporate theme park" created to generate foresight and promote learning about financial consumers. The Lab hosted research programs, seminars, workshops, web based colloquia, and media events. Visitors came from all over the world.

I was co-leader of the multinational team that conceived, planned and constructed the Lab.

Promotional Video:

I produced this video to introduce the Knowledge Lab to financial service organization decision makers, the business press, and internal marketing groups. The message was "We're changing the future of banking." Note that the on-screen text echos the narration, to better reach an international audience.

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With obvious pleasure, NCR CEO Lars Nyberg and the Lord Mayor of London officially opened the Knowledge Lab.


Yes, we did use smoke and mirrors!


A video-based Customer Activity Analysis system kept track of Lab visitors; data and analyses were available at this kiosk.

The "West End" - cafe, seminar room, and interactive exhibit pod.


Internet / Intranet access stations.

One of several conference pods with fully integrated media systems.


Visitors learned about NCR financial expertise at an Interactive Totem.


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