Quotes from Consulting Clients

"The interaction between you and the Intel team was exemplary and led to a very high level of information exchange and collaborative thinking... Splendid contribution! The session enabled a number of mind shifts."


"This is to express our appreciation for the job that Michael Harris did for us on the XXX account. Michael was asked to represent our capabilities and to 'wow' the folks at XXX of our depth of expertise. He far exceeded our expectations. He did such a great job that the selection team leader stated, 'No matter which way the decision goes, I think we should get him involved.' Thank you so much for providing us with such a quality resource."

"You truly challenged our team's thinking, leaving us with a number of memorable quotes and ideas. In particular, your continual emphasis on the user experience as a driver influenced us to begin to shift toward the concept of mapping technology to human behavior instead of vice versa, and we began to grasp the importance of understanding the user environment."


"We found your contributions rich and stimulating. For an exploration like this, it is essential to have people like you who have 'been there' before. You also demonstrated a strength at letting other leaders' ideas and comments spark something new for you which you could then offer up as a build! GREAT job!"


"On behalf of our team and of the extended team members, I would like to thank you again for your support and assistance during last week's session. Your valuable comments on our initiative guided us to get a confident focus for our startup."

"I cannot say enough how pleased we were regarding your participation. Your expertise and perspective helped guide the team as expected. It takes a fairly adventurous spirit to 'jump in the stew' and contribute to an early-stage venture. Without question, we are further along because of your contribution. We appreciated the opportunity to collaborate closely with you."


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