from the AvalonBay Communities Annual Report:

"... key technology initiative involving the development of an Internet-based solution to optimize internal growth. Known informally as Javalon, it is a Web-based transactional system that provides us with more accurate and timely management information and helps us maximize occupancy and rental rates. In addition, this technology reduces the administrative workload and allows us to automate the leasing process by conducting resident business transactions over the Internet.

"Javalon is also the core of the Company's e-commerce strategy. It enhances our Internet marketing programs through a virtual leasing office that enables us to expand from 40 'store front' hours per week to round-the-clock interaction with current and prospective residents."

I was hands-on Project Lead for the kiosk/web side of this project. The engagement lasted seven months, and delivery was completed on time and on budget.

The Client:

A consortium of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), with over 800 apartment and townhome rental units across North America.

The Objectives:

The Challenges:

To meet that last challenge (easy deployment), we developed a three-tier template based architecture. Kiosk and internet user web pages were generated on demand by back end Java servlet code, from an Oracle database. Each REIT partner had its own "look" (color scheme, logos, button shapes, page layouts). Data for each property (images, text, floor plans, maps) was collected by the Property Manager and entered using a web based tool. To generate each page, the servlets combined a page skeleton template (generic functionality) with REIT data and individual property data.

My activities:

Each kiosk has a flat panel display with touch screen, unobtrusive keyboard, color printer, and high speed internet connection.

Screen shots, photos, demonstrations, and other information are available on request.

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