Knowledge Discovery / Data Mining

Knowledge discovery is the process of using advanced software tools to discover interesting and useful knowledge from data. Knowledge discovery increases the number of business users who can harvest rapid and continuous insight from the data in a data warehouse.

Real-world applications of knowledge discovery include promotion demand forecasting, market basket analysis, fraud prevention, seasonal demand forecasting, customer service and retention, risk management, category management, cross-selling, and targeted marketing.

HITC Research:

  • NCR’s Management Discovery Tool is a data mining solution for executives in a business. It provides summary reports pinpointing key trends, patterns, and events that help an executive understand the state of the business. These reports, called Information Frames, are the first step in dramatically increasing the number of business users who can access the data warehouse.
  • NCR’s Knowledge Discovery Workbench is the first data mining tool that provides support for all phases of the knowledge discovery process. This knowledge discovery process, conceived by the HITC, is the first step in making analytic modeling development rapid.

Current knowledge discovery research at the HITC is organized into the following two programs: Active Templates and Customer Interaction Mining.

Let us work together:

The HITC Knowledge Discovery group conducts research by working directly with NCR customers. If you would like to experience Active Templates or have your Customer Interaction data analyzed please contact us.

HITC’s KnowledgeSTART(TM) is designed to help NCR customers in all industry sectors with an inexpensive, fixed fee, short duration, service engagement to discover the value of Active Templates and Customer Interaction Mining.

More Information:

The following white papers and brochures are available for download:

Visit the NCR Scalable Data Warehousing Home for more information on Knowledge Discovery Workbench and Management Discovery Tool.

Visit our Knowledge Discovery Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Or, for a listing of white papers and presentations, visit our downloads section.

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