Customer Activity AnalysisTM

Retailers and Bankers are continually trying to understand more about their customers:

  • How many customers are on site?
  • Where are the customers going?
  • What are they looking at?
  • What information they do have is from expensive market analysis, in-store monitoring, and customer interviews. Retail chains and banks that have multiple locations must perform most of this analysis at every site.

Real-time Image Understanding technology constantly monitors the retail or financial environment and captures the activities of the customers. Motion detection and tracking technology, combined with camera sensors placed throughout the site, can watch customers and assess their buying habits. The Customer Activity AnalysisTM data can be combined with transaction data already available in these environments. CAATM functions available now:

  • Count the number of customers entering and exiting during the day.
  • Locate high-traffic areas at the site and measure floor space utilization.
  • Monitor selected end-caps, promotional displays, or service points; measure customer response.
  • Monitor checkout lanes and customer queues; notify the manager if more should be opened.

For more information:

To better understand how CAATM works in a banking environment, read what USBanker has to say about our latest customer, Wells Fargo.

If you are interested in CAATM, see our Services offering.

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